$20/hr + delivery fee

Paddle board rentals are $20 an hour plus a one time delivery fee. The delivery will vary for each location. Please see below to find the corresponding delivery fee.

# Location Distance Time Delivery Cost Map
1 King Williams District 1 mile 45 – 60 min $25 Map
2 Blue Star 1 mile 45 – 60 min $25 Map
3 Mission Reach 6 mile All day $25 Map
4 Woodlawn Lake Park 1,000 ft x 1,700 ft Lake 3-5 hrs $25 Map

More About Each Location

King Williams District

This is the stretch of the river that is closest to the touristy part of the river walk. This is the most highly recommend location because of it’s beautiful gardens and historic homes that sprinkle the river. Parking is a little difficult because it is so close to down town. We will help you find the right place to park so you don’t get a ticket.

Blue Star

This section of the river is just south of the King Williams District. This length of the river will pass the Blue Star Brewery and Blue Star Arts Complex. There is always plenty of parking at Roosevelt Park just across the road from the entry point. This stretch also has some historic mills that can be seen from the river.

Mission Reach

Extends 6 miles and encompasses 3 Historic Missions (San Jose, San Juan, Espada) If you would like to go more than a mile or two on this section, you should be moderately comfortable on a paddle board. This section has multiple riffles or small damns with paddling shoots constructed on at least one of the sides. The river is relatively flat and slow moving, but maneuvering down the shoots could be challenging for beginners.

Woodlawn Lake Park

This lake is just north of down town San Antonio. It has a very pretty lighthouse structure in the center. This lake is surrounded by a park with many amenities for activities. More details can be found at the city website here

Other Locations

We are always looking for fun new locations to offer paddle boarding. If you have a place in mind that you don’t see here, please feel free to contact us to see if we can work something out.

San Antonio Riverwalk Trails Map

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